Designed to change the game. Experience Project Fitness in-person and online. 

Why was this product created?

During my 5 years of involvement in fitness, I have witnessed an array of misinformation which commonly has one main purpose – to make businesses/ individuals a quick buck. 

7-day detoxes, shake diets, fat burners, Low carb diets (the list goes on) they are all sold as the ‘magic pills’ which will solve all your problems. As some of you might be aware, that is far from the truth and these ‘solutions’ are commonly followed by a rebound to your original state. 

 Quite frankly, I am tired of seeing people suffer on these extreme regimes so I have developed my own product to help serve those who want to be helped. This product is full of science-based information designed to give you freedom and enjoyment during the process. It will teach you everything you need to know about fitness so you have a true understanding of the subjects of nutrition, training, and mindset. 

Far too many people waste money chasing the ‘magic pill’.  A better way to invest your money is directly in yourself via an education which will give you knowledge, freedom, and confidence for life and of course, amazing results.