Personal Training

Designed for those who want a more in-person approach.

The 8-week transformation challenge

Designed for those who want affordable personal training and results!

If you’re looking to take control of your health and fitness this programme the 8 week challenge is for you! 

What’s included? 


Receive 2 personal training sessions a week over 8 weeks (16 total). You’ll have workouts tailored to your goals which will be fun and interesting. These workouts can be designed for any level of fitness from beginner to more advanced trainees 


You will become part of a community of people who are striving to improve themselves. The group shares food ideas, experiences, fitness tips and much more. People have found this has provided them with inspiration and motivation! 


You will be supplied with a game-changing nutrition guide designed to not only teach you about nutrition and how to sustain your results. You will also have tailor-made calorie and macronutrient to follow which will allow you to reach your goal. 


Upon joining I track your measurements and weight so we can witness how your body changes over time! These stats will act as accountability and motivation and enable you to track the progress your making!  


During these 8 weeks, I don’t just want to ‘train’ you. I also strive to educate you so you’re able to understand why I use certain techniques and strategies to help you achieve your goal. Doing this will give you the knowledge needed to continue your journey into the future!


The only expense you will have for this programme is the cost of the 8-week programme. Everything else is covered. In effect, you’re basically paying for the results! No hidden fees or sign up costs!